Dust Cleaning Tips

Dust Cleaning Tips

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Dust Cleaning Tips

Spring is coming and what better time to clean our home and make it spotless. Find out which are the best dust cleaning tips and how to apply them.

It's warm outside and it's time to open up the windows wide. Let the sun in and chase the dirt out, following some cleaning tips, recommended by professional cleaners East Finchley. The first thing to be aware of, is the fact carpets are the biggest dust collectors in every home. They act like a giant  dust harbouring fibre sponge. That is why you should shake and beat them more often.

People with allergies, shouldn't have carpets in their homes. The others must vacuum more often, to get rid of the dust in there. Do this procedure at least once a week, to keep your place dust-free. Focus more on the busy areas, like pathways and room enters.

Carpet beating and shaking  removes more dust than vacuuming. Other than that, you must wash your carpets at least two times every year. Small rugs can be taken outside once a week to take care of. All you need is a tennis racket or a clean broom.

Cleaning dust from carpets is more necessary for the overall cleanliness of your home, than vacuuming under heavy furniture. According to cleaners East Finchley dirt stays undisturbed in there, unless you have a small house pet, that can get everywhere. In comparison, dust on carpets floats constantly all around the place.

Cushions are the other thing, that needs either vacuuming or shaking. This type of fabric not only sheds by it self, but it also accumulate dust, just like carpets. Every time you sit down, a cloud of dust comes out. Prevent that by regularly shaking out all cushions and pillows.

Following those simple dust cleaning tips will definitely improve your home and create a better and more healthy environment for you and your family to live in.

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