Diatribe: What Are "Man Candles" And Are Men Dumb Enough To Buy Them?

Diatribe: What Are "Man Candles" And Are Men Dumb Enough To Buy Them?

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Diatribe: What Are "Man Candles" And Are Men Dumb Enough To Buy Them?

Diatribe: What Are "Man Candles" And Are Men Dumb Enough To Buy Them?

I’m annoyed by marketing gimmicks that prey on the, supposed, dimwittedness of men.  To me, commercials that feature a dufus guy who needs to be rescued by a woman before he embarrasses or hurts himself trying to do “women’s work” are very offensive.  The women in the advertisements, invariably, roll their eyes as if to say “He’s such a MAN” indicating men are an insensitive oafs who are incapable of being the least bit sensitive.

It’s somewhat fair to assume that marketers target women in television commercials because, generally, more women tend to watch television than men.  And, possibly, they think women viewers will feel somehow empowered when men are portrayed as fat, dumb and harmless.

But when men (particularly husbands) are portrayed as loveable goofs who aren’t smart enough to wash their own clothes without turning them pink or cook their own food without burning it, I wonder why they don’t’ get insulted.  Of course, sometimes, they do.  The following commercial was removed from the air by Verizon Communications under pressure by His Side, a men's rights organization.  The campaign against the ad was endorsed by countless psychologists and family counselors because of the ad's denigration of fathers and men in general.


Several years ago, I bought a candle from Yankee Candle and ever since that day I’ve been on their email advertising list.  I usually delete their emails without reading them but, recently, an advertisement caught my eye.  They are marketing a new collection of scents for men called “Man Candles” featuring “Riding Mower”, “2x4”, “First Down” and “Man Town” (?) scented candles.  I happened upon the collection on my last trip to the mall and satisfied what little bit of curiosity I had by sniffing each of these new candles.  I thought they were all just awful.

Do they think men are stupid?  Or are they hoping that women will shell out $27.95 to buy a jar filled with candle wax that smells like the last aisle at Home Depot?  I don’t buy clearance candles and I won’t buy candles that smell like freshly mowed weeds either.

Will you?

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