Diatribe: Locker Decorations.

Diatribe: Locker Decorations.

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Diatribe: Locker Decorations.

Diatribe: Locker Decorations.

One  of my guilty pleasures is reality television.  Not the type of “reality” where cameras follow someone around hoping for something interesting to happen so they can capture it on film, but the educational and competition programs.  Anything with a challenge, a puzzle or a race will keep my attention far longer than a real housewife.  One such program is Design Stars where contestants complete for their own interior design show on HGTV.  One of the challenges that the contestants face is called the “White Box Challenge”  where they have to transform a plain white cube into a beautiful interior space.  They have a time limit and a budget and the competition gets creative.

Apparently, school children across the nation are enjoying similar challenges in their lockers!  LockerLookz are locker decorations that are designed to be mixed and matched so that kids can create their own custom locker interiors.


When  I was in school, I didn’t even use my locker because it was too small to hold much of anything other than my winter coat.  My school had “half  lockers”, stacked two high, and the shorter kids always seemed to be assigned to the upper lockers, the tall kids assigned to the lower, everyone tried to get into them at the same time, and none of them had chandeliers.  The idea of decorating the insides of our lockers never crossed our minds.

To  provide and deliver a creative environment with fun products that enable students to positively express their personality in educational and social settings. – LockerLookz Mission Statement

LockerLookz  decorations attach with magnets, not adhesives, they’re reusable, moveable and easy to install.  They’re marketed as a “fun way to express  yourself”.  Kids (I assume, mostly, girls) are invited to purchase wallpaper, accessory bins, flowers, rugs, chandeliers, mirror and dry-erase boards to create the locker of their dreams.  They can spend their parents’ money on clocks and curtains, too.

I  think this is silly.  While some find it to be a creative way for students to express themselves, I think they can be just as creative with construction paper and Magic Markers.  Am I the only one who thinks  this is a preposterous waste of time, money and energy?

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