Diatribe: Coffee That Costs More Than Gasoline.

Diatribe: Coffee That Costs More Than Gasoline.

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Diatribe: Coffee That Costs More Than Gasoline.

Being the creature of habit that I am, I almost always fill my tank at the same pump in the same filling station.  It’s a somewhat dilapidated, family owned filling station that features a small market and several hot food items served by friendly people who always great me with a smile.  I try to time my stops at the station so that they’re in the mornings on my way to the office rather than on my way home in the evenings.  I do this because they have an “espresso” machine and I like to treat myself to a cup when I fill up.  I start the pump and, relying on its auto-shut-off mechanism, I hurry inside to get my coffee while my tank fills.


Recently, because I frequent the station so often and buy so much gasoline from them, I joined their new Rewards Program (I’m finding it harder and harder to avoid them) that allows me to purchase gas at a three-cent-per-gallon discount.  Big deal, right?


This morning, when I stopped to fill my tank, I was thrilled to find that I only had to pay $3.16 per gallon.  This is the lowest price that I have paid for gasoline in quite some time.  While waiting in line to pay for my special coffee drink it occurred to me that my “gas station coffee” actually costs more per gallon than gasoline.  This made me feel even better about my gasoline purchase.


Then I read a news story about a rare brew of coffee being served at select Starbucks locations.  It’s called Costa Rica Finca Palmilera and retails for forty dollars per pound!  That translates to about seven dollars per cup … the equivalent of more than two gallons of gasoline!  (But still a bargain when compared to Organic Panda Poo Tea!)


Apparently, there’s a very good reason for the high price of this “exotic” blend of coffee bean that comes from an ancient line of plants with a lineage that can be traced back to Ethiopia … they didn’t make very much of it.  All the beans are said to have come from a small estate and only 3,800 pounds of the beans are available.  Only forty-eight Starbucks stores in the country, locations mostly in Seattle and Portland that have an $11,000 “Clover” coffee machine, are selling the expensive blend.


Clearly, I am in no way a “coffee aficionado” … those who treat themselves to “gas station coffee” rarely are … but I simply cannot justify paying more for coffee than I do for gasoline.  Can you?



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