Dave Grounds: We like to Spoil our Customers

Dave Grounds: We like to Spoil our Customers

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Dave Grounds: We like to Spoil our Customers

One of the oldest private AZ new home builders in the United States, Dorn Homes's President and CEO Dave Grounds shares that “Dorn is customer centric. We (Dorn) like to spoil our customers through the construction process”.

Builders come and go. In this industrial and technological era, many claim to be the best, but not all of them really step up to the plate. Sometimes, service is given halfheartedly. The product may be adequate, but the service is bad or vice versa.

Building custom homes in Arizona for over 35 years, Dorn Homes builds new Arizona homes that satisfy and even exceed customers’ expectations. Modifications are executed in exemplary ways to give customers exactly what they want and need in a new Arizona home.

A passion for impressing clients is what drives this family-owned home building company.

To claim the title of being the best, a home builder should be able to offer relentless service prior, during, and after the home building process. Top quality service means covering all aspects of assistance. Dorn's Grounds testifies to that, “We are very big on architectural design, quality construction, and service after our clients have moved into their homes”. Even if the construction is completed, Dorn Homes backs up customers with a two to ten year warranty.

One of the best proofs of this is the online and offline customer access to the detailed accounts of the construction progress of their new Tucson homes, Tubac homes, Green Valley homes, and Prescott homes. This allows for open communication lines in the builder-customer relationship and enables both parties to be at ease with each other. Any sudden adjustments that clients want can easily and quickly be worked on by this Arizona new home builder.

Architecturally exciting, the homes in Tucson, Tubac, Green Valley, and Prescott are impressive because a lot of thought went into the design of each Dorn home. So why settle for a pre-owned house for sale in South Arizona when you can realize your dream home by contacting Dorn Homes, the best among home builders in Tucson and other parts of Arizona? Dorn-built new construction homes in Tucson and other parts of Arizona are stylish, comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient.

Building a home is a task that should not be taken lightly by the home buyer or by the builders. No matter how experienced a builder is, they should not overlook the customer’s satisfaction and expectations. Execution goes hand in hand with good service and this is how Dorn Homes does it.

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