Cops run wild! (Sung to the tune of "girls run wild!")

Cops run wild! (Sung to the tune of "girls run wild!")

Cops run wild! (Sung to the tune of "girls run wild!")

Posted on Jun 27 2010 at 08:54:26 PM in Countries

I know I did a quick hatchet job on the right wing this week when I am supposed to be concentrating on the sins of the extreme left, but I couldn't help myself!

(I will now make up for it with this bit!)

Toronto just hosted the G20 economic summit and as of late this afternoon (Sunday) things were still pretty hot in the downtown core.

By hot, I mean burning police cars, riots, vandalism and looting on a massive scale over a ten block area in the financial district of the city.

It was general mayhem by anarchists, left wing fanatics, and a whole bunch of people down there just for the excitement!

I wrote an article earlier in the week wondering why people were protesting an economic summit that was also designed to help third world countries with their financial problems and the only answer I got was........, "Well, they're anarchists!"

As if this lack of an explanation wasn't enough, I now see and hear the left wing media blaming the cops for all the problems.

How they can latch unto a disconnect of this magnitude is totally beyond me!

You would think it was the cops that were rioting and looting for God's sake!

It got so bad that when a bunch of guys set fire to a cop car they weren't condemned by the bleeding heart left wing press!

No sir!

It was the cops who were portrayed as the bad guys for "over reacting!

"Over reacting?"

You want to see "OVER REACTING" kids?

Just let someone set fire to my car, and I'll show you "over reacting!!!!"

Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available as an E-Book H E R E! and H E R E!

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