Conveyor and Shredder for Waste Management

Conveyor and Shredder for Waste Management

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Conveyor and Shredder for Waste Management

With growing environmental consciousness and the subsequent demand for innovative methods to reduce carbon footprints, several mechanisms like smart recycling equipments are being developed. Thanks to the availability of advanced recycling equipments like shredders, conveyors, balers, and compactors, you can significantly reduce the amount of matter you discharge as industrial by-products or domestic waste.

In this article, two of the best industrial recycling equipments - shredders and conveyors have been discussed in detail.

> Best Shredder for Waste Management

Most of us would be familiar with the word shredder in the context of paper shredding, the process is used for destroying important papers or documents that are no longer needed but are prone to being misused if discovered by third-parties. Now it is time to be acquainted with recycling shredders, which can be used on a variety of materials like plastic, metal, debris, electronics, and hazardous waste like radioactive or nuclear material. Several industries, especially the waste management industry, are incorporating advanced shredding machinery for disintegrating waste to smaller pieces.

Shredders function differently, corresponding to the purpose of shredding and the material that is being shredded. Some general operations performed during shredding include - grinding, cutting, chipping, compression, and hammering.

> Some of the key advantages of shredding include:

  • Smaller size waste is easy to transport
  • Sorting of shredded waste is easier and more effective, making recycling more convenient

> Types of Shredders

The best shredder for you that would be appropriate for your business might be any one of the following:

Cross-flow Shredder - The cross-flow shredder employs the technique of beating waste down so that it breaks into smaller fragments, or shreds.

Single-shaft Shredder - The most conventional among best shredder types, the single-shaft shredder makes use of traditional blades to rip the waste particles apart.

Multi-shaft shredder - An advanced version of the single-shaft shredder, it accomplishes its task by forcing waste against blades or between them.

> Best conveyors for recycling waste

Dumping waste or collecting it for recycling was never this easy as it now is with waste management conveyor belts. The tasks of opening drum lids, weighing waste, and sorting discharged products is aided by moving conveyor belts from one station to another. So, the most appreciated thing about conveyors is their speed and reduction in labor costs.

> Advantages of some of the best conveyor used for recycling are:

  • Sensor-based technology employed in most conveyors makes it very easy to sort waste for recycling purpose; recyclable material can be quickly separated from material that is non-recyclable
  • The speed and efficiency of waste disposal is remarkable
  • Considerable amount of manual labor is reduced, which implies lowering of overall costs and time saving

Waste management and environmental concern is a blessing in disguise, as it not only results in long-term cost savings but also leaves a better impression on corporate allies, clients, and the general public. Installing the best shredder or the best conveyor in your company for efficient management of waste is an excellent step to take.

If you wish to learn more about the best shredder or conveyor for your business, you can take advantage of recycling equipment service providers such as Norcal Compactors. Apart from procuring your own conveyor or shredder you can also get them on lease. So get the best conveyor or shredder and contribute your bit for the environment.

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