Common Computer Virus - Trojans, Viruses and Worms

Common Computer Virus - Trojans, Viruses and Worms

Common Computer Virus - Trojans, Viruses and Worms

Posted on Dec 31 2012 at 05:59:00 PM in Security

Do you know if your computer has been infect with a common computer virus? Anyone who spends enough time on the internet and uses their computer on a regular basis should be familiar with how to check if your computer has been infected. Heck the internet makes it very easy and inexpensive to protect yourself and your PC. This article is going to discuss some of the common computer virus and how it can affect you and your PC.

No one likes to talk about viruses whether it is about a computer or a human; because encountering them is no fun. You have most likely heard the term "Trojan Horse" but what exactly is it and what does it man? A trojan horse is a common computer virus and it is a destructive program that masquerades as a harmless application. Unlike the normal viruses the trojan horse do not replicate themselves, but they are just as destructive as the viruses that do.

You may not even know if you are encountering one of these viruses because they have been known to come in a program that promises to get rid of any viruses on your computer; and instead of removing any viruses it then infects your PC with a virus. That is the main reason you will read all over the internet about staying clear from applications that promise to remove viruses from your computer for free.

Every time people are trying to get their registry clean they are constantly looking for a free way to do it; however beware any time you run into one of the free services. They may not be the safest way to clean out your PC.

A computer worm is also like a virus but it comes attached to a file. As soon as the person opens up the file then it infects your PC. Unlike a virus that is passed on from PC to PC. The worm only infects the person who is opening up the attached file; this is why you will hear people telling you do not open up emails if you do not know who the sender is. If you have ever experienced a worm; then you know how quickly it will bring down your system; it does this by consuming great amounts of bandwidth and memory.

Viruses on the other hand are like a human cold and can be spread from computer to computer. They come attached to a program or file. It infects the computer that it is installed on and then passed on to others via email, CD, other method. A virus is created by a human in order for it to be launched and delivered.

Yes it can be pretty dangerous when you are doing things online; however you can protect yourself and your computer by performing routine maintenance. Once a month you should scan your computer to make sure that you have not picked up any viruses and to clean it and remove any clutter. Doing this alone will ensure that it is running smoothly and will also help you stay clear of anything that you may or may not have picked up while being online.

If you found this article helpful; visit our site below. In just two minutes you can scan your PC to ensure that it is been infected by anything that can damage it.

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