Cleaning Challenges: Sweat Stains

Cleaning Challenges: Sweat Stains

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Cleaning Challenges: Sweat Stains

Cleaning stains successfully can be described as challenge. Learn some useful tips on sweat stain removal and get your spring and summer clothes ready to be worn.

Perspiration marks are one of the most common types of stains, according to professional cleaners Forest Gate. To make this unpleasant underarm rings, you can use just simple products, that you already have at home, like salt, aspirin, and lemons. Just pick one and do as said below.

You are probably already aware of the fact that salt works great on wine stains. What you might not know yet, is that this spice is able to remove sweat stains as well. If you notice a yellow ring-shaped mark on the armpit area of your shirt, you can prepare a  home made cleaner to get rid of it. All you will need is a litre hot water and 5 tablespoons salt. Mix those two things together and take a sponge to soak it in. Dab on the spot with the already moisten sponge until the stain is lifted.

Aspirin isn't only good for curing headaches, it can cure a perspiration stain as well, especially on white-coloured clothes. Take two or three tablets of this medicine and crush them. Put the powder in half a cup warm water to form a paste. Now you will have to soak the stained part in the aspirin paste and leave it stay so  for couple hours.

If you want to save some money usually spent on dry cleaning, cleaners Forest Gate strongly recommend to clean sweat stains with lemon. All you have to do is squeeze some fresh lemon juice and mix it with water, in equal parts and  you will be able to remove successfully the annoying yellow rings. Scrub with the prepared home cleaning solution, focusing on the stained spots, then wash as you usually do. Citric acid in lemons helps for whitening of fabrics.

Now you know, cleaning doesn't have to be a challenge, not if you know the right way to approach it.

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