Choose Your Vancouver Vacation Rentals Online

Choose Your Vancouver Vacation Rentals Online

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Choose Your Vancouver Vacation Rentals Online

Posted on Jan 26 2012 at 07:08:47 AM in Travel

She went to the address she was given, the crying woman on the other end of the phone told us, but there was no house there. She tried the number she'd been given by the person who rented her the house; it was no longer in service. It was Christmastime. She had two little girls. "Please. Help us." Unfortunately, every vacation rental home we manage was occupied with Disney World vacationers. Hard as we tried, we couldn't find anything for her.

With the advent of the internet, Craigslist, and inexpensive online "venues", it's easy for someone to pay a small fee and post pictures of a house they don't own, along with a non-existent address and the number of a disposable cell phone with the intent of defrauding an unsuspecting vacationer.

Vancouver vacation rentals for can be such a great value compared to a tiny overpriced hotel room. Being able to reserve online gives a potential renter so many options - the ability to search for a specific location, home size, amenities, and of course, price range.

After years in the business, our experts want to share some of that experience with you, with the following tips on searching for and booking a vacation rental home online. Following a few caveats can help increase your likelihood of getting the best possible vacation rental value, while reducing your risk.

Use Google Maps

The first time to use it is when you're choosing a property management company to rent from. Look up the physical address on their website and try to Google map it (if they don't have one listed, that should be a big red flag). If Google Maps brings you to a Mailboxes, Etc. or UPS location instead of an office building, it's evidence that they're not a real company.

Do Some Homework!

Consider the time you spend researching where you want to take your vacation, which airlines have the cheapest flights, when the best time of year is to go, then, once you make the arrangements, how much time you spend poring over online travel sites, maps, and guidebooks on your destination. Since you're considering investing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a vacation home rental, isn't it worth spending some of that time researching the homeowner or property management company as well?

If you're considering renting from a property management company, there are plenty of ways to verify their legitimacy. Check their rating and Find out whether they belong to any associations (Visitors Bureau, state property managers associations, Chamber of Commerce, etc.). Vancouverdreamrentals is one of the best online site for booking a comfortable room or suit for your family vacations. You can also search on Vancouver Wikipedia for more information.

Consider Travel Insurance:

Management companies and homeowners have a reason for charging non-refundable deposits and fees: If you cancel your reservation at the last minute, they lose out on your rental fee and whatever bookings they could have had if they'd been free to book the home to someone else.

More and more people are opting to rent a vacation home. It's a great value, a great way for families to get together, a way to experience the kind of vacation they'd never be able to afford otherwise. Thankfully, there are very few renters who end up like the poor women we mentioned above. By following our recommendations, using a little common sense and some caution, it is easy to make renting a vacation home a great experience, whether your ideal vacation is on the side of a mountain, beside a sandy beach or in a home with a private pool, just down the road from a castle at Walt Disney World!

Here are some tips for choosing your home in Vancouver. If you have any question or queries please visit Canada Wikipedia or direct contact with one of our representatives for further assistance.

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