Best muscle buiulding diet plan

Best muscle buiulding diet plan

Best muscle buiulding diet plan

Posted on Jan 14 2013 at 07:56:00 PM in Fitness

The ideal muscle building diet always focuses on getting the muscles built properly and that too in the best amount of time possible. However, diet is the most crucial part of muscle building since it is elemental to the gaining of the entire muscle mass.

One may ask why diet plays so big a role in the building up of muscles and the answer is quiet simple. Our body is made up of muscles and we eat to keep our body working, which is to keep our muscles working because food provides the necessary nutrients required by the muscles to repair them and stay in working condition.

Now, any good muscle building diet would be a combination of the following basic nutrients.

Proteins are the most crucial when you are considering building up your muscle content. It is important because it helps build up muscle and loose maximum fat from the body. It is also the nutrient which is responsible for the health of the muscles. For muscle building especially, you must consume at least 1.5 grams of proteins for each pound of body weight. Otherwise your muscles would not be as developed as you would like them to be.

After proteins, the most important component of an effective muscle building diet would be carbohydrates and fats. These help you get more and more stamina and you can then use it to do more exercises and keep your muscles fit and strong. You can intake pasta and many other carbs like potatoes etc which will help you get enough carbohydrates in your body.

Now, as for fats, initially it was not a big problem and consuming just about enough of a fatty food was ok. However, with recent research and the discovery of bad fats, the scenario has changed a lot. Now you need to intake good fats like vegetable oils and stuff and not intake animal fat or even butter made from milk.

So, you can see that an ideal muscle building diet would be one which has a proper balance of all of these nutrients and is nutritious as well. A general warning, however, never take large meals but meals which are small and frequent.

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