Benefits Of A Tag Cloud on your Blog

Benefits Of A Tag Cloud on your Blog

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Benefits Of A Tag Cloud on your Blog

Posted on Mar 28 2011 at 09:34:03 AM in Business & Economy


Tags in a blog are usually present as a brows-able list that is similar in manner to the Categories of a blog. A more efficient manner of using tags is presenting them as a Tag Cloud – a collection of tags arranged in manner such that the more oft used and more important tags are large whereas those of lesser occurrence are smaller in terms of font size. A good number of static Tag plug-ins exist for blogging platforms such as WordPress as well as some animated Flash/Javascript based tag plug-ins.

We will not discuss the type of Tag plug-ins but will describe several advantages of using Tag Clouds on your blog/website.

For Search Engines (Google)

Think of the tags in a tag cloud as a ‘mashup' of the keywords of your blog – a mashup of keywords present in the sidebar of each and every post/page on your website. This is a good source of premium SEO – a factor that helps increase your ranking in Google. Which ultimately translates to more traffic and more revenue.

A Better User Experience (UX)

Tag Clouds are eye catching and they give your visitors a good look at what topics your blog covers – and also makes the more important topics stand out clearly. Since the more important a topic is, the larger the font size, this will help a visitor to your website to differentiate the niche your blog covers and what it doesn't cover – or merely what it simply glances over.

Yet another use when it comes to the oft wanted User Experience (UX) is the fact that a Tag Cloud is made up of tags – tags that if clicked lead to a list of posts that cover the subject the Tag covers. For example a tag titled Google will lead the user to a list of posts covering Google. This is very helpful in looking for information (a sort of targeted search) and it is also useful since blog search systems make use of such tags.

Better Design

Added to a number of stated technical advantages, a tag cloud looks more attractive that a simple list of tags. This is even more evident if that Tag Cloud is a rotating Flash tag cloud. It makes you website look more lively and this is, as good blogger know, a good plus to visitors to a website.

All in all, a Tag Cloud requires little effort to setup – WordPress has a good number of plug-ins, Blogger has a good number of widgets and other platforms have more or less a number of plug-ins or code tweaks that support Tag Clouds. Take a chance and install a tag cloud – you wont regret it. It's free, after all!


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