Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged?

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged?

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Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged?

Posted on Feb 23 2013 at 12:08:04 AM in Celebrities

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Engaged?

The star singer Rihanna was in Hawaii on her birthday and once again we could see that that beautiful diamond band on her left hand ring finger on Feb. 20. Immediate question that pops up in our head is that, Is it her engagement ring and is she engaged to Chris Brown?

The reason why people are speculating this is all because both Rihanna and Chris Brown look very much in love couple. Particularly because the way they looked when they were spotted canoodling on the beach in Hawaii on Wednesday. It was, RiRi’s 25th birthday and the couple could be seen enjoying romantic moments on the beach and Rihanna posted a many photos showing the on and off couple cuddling and smiling together. It looks like Rihanna wants the world to see her rekindled love with Chris.

It all started with Rihanna telling Oprah Winfrey in August 2012 that she still loves Chris even years after he assaulted her in 2009 and soon we had Chris quickly dropping his girlfriend Karrueche Tran and soon speculation of their engagements started making rounds.

Some mazazines even speculated that Chris will propose to Rihanna on her birthday in Hawaii and the diamond ring on her left hand ring finger makes us wonder if they might be true.

Some reports are that engagement ring is about 10 carats, and is worth around $3.5 million but we still await official confirmation of this information.

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