And I didn't even get a kiss!

And I didn't even get a kiss!

And I didn't even get a kiss!

Posted on Jun 9 2010 at 07:41:54 PM in Society

Ya gotta hand it to politicians.

When they want to fuck you over, they do it good!

We have a thing here in Canada called a "value added tax" that we borrowed from Europe.

(Don't worry my American friends, you will have it soon!)

Although we call it the "Goods and Services Tax," (GST) it is now being blended with the "Provincial Sales Tax," (PST) to give us the bigger and better "Harmonized Sales Tax!" (HST)

O.K. Today's lesson:



5% + 8% = 13%

(I liked it better when the GST was called the "Manufacturing Tax" and was hidden in the cost of producing something. That was the best form of rape....... ya didn't know it had just happened!)

As usual......... I digress!

Seems the Government is sending everybody rebate cheques for the HST a month before it even kicks in so that everyone thinks we are ahead of the game.

(Although I still don't have my head around how charging the tax and then rebating it makes sense!)

Well, wait a minute!!!!!

Of course!!!!!!!!!

Everyone gets a cheque every six months for the next year and a half so that they aren't pissed at paying the HST....... BUT!

Then the rebate cheques STOP!

The HST goes on FOREVER!

Sneaky buggers, eh?

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