2- Important strategies for web maintenance

2- Important strategies for web maintenance

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2- Important strategies for web maintenance

Posted on Jul 4 2011 at 08:05:07 AM in Programming

Web maintenance is very important as in this way you will not lose your visitors and will not be stagnant. If you will not maintain your web site you will soon lose your site as new and modern sites will appear. By maintaining your web means that you should continuously update it with fresh content, keeping it free from all sorts of errors such as the broken links, sloppy code so can maintain a high position in the search engines. So you should follow the following strategies to maintain your web and retain your customers.

·         First of all you should check for the broken links as it will irritate the visitors and will force them to click to elsewhere off your sites and in this way you will lose your important customer. The businesses that are linked to your site might have been closed down which leads to broken links. So you should check for broken links once a month.

·         Html errors can also arise in your search engine and will negatively affect in your rankings like if your web master places the Meta or header tags in some improper order on the page than your ranking can suffer. So it is necessary that you should write correct and clean the html code.

·         You should add new and fresh contents on your web as it will spider your site if the content is continually updated or changed like you can add new article to your web every week or so.

·         The search engines use links to create a web of linked sites. The more sites are linked to your site means the more popular your site. Those sites that have few links will not do well. So try to obtain links of those sites that already rank well or have a large number of visitors. So you should continuously find links so can maintain and increase your rankings.

·         You should change the number and types of keywords that are used to search for information on your site. So you should constantly monitor your web site rankings. You should be up to date related to the search engine changes.

·         It is possible that you may get lots of visitors that will be visiting your sites but are not buying. In this situation it is possible that your web copy is at fault. So try to rewrite it. Try to focus more on the benefits of your product. It is sometimes possible that you make changes in one or two lines and there is an increase in the percentage of sales from your sites.

·         The web site statistics, that your web host provides, you are able to monitor the number of visitors to each page, where they came from and the type of keywords they have used to search your web site. So for this you should optimize other pages by alternative keywords so to increase the number of visitors at your web.

So it is necessary to create a web maintenance plan as by this you can ensure the performance of your web is increasing at its optimum level.

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