13- Types of ecommerce in .NET

13- Types of ecommerce in .NET

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13- Types of ecommerce in .NET

Posted on Jul 19 2011 at 07:55:40 AM in Programming

Ecommerce is basically how you use the internet to buy and sell goods and services. Nowadays ecommerce has become very popular among the people who want to buy and sell different things because of the convenience it offers and the cost benefits to retailers and the cost savings to the customers, and also the secrecy it offers. There are five kinds of ecommerce in .NET. Let’s discuss them in brief as it allows making informed decisions. Business to consumer Business to consumer is the first type of ecommerce that is also the most common one. It is also known as B2C model. In this type online business selling is offered to individual customers. This type started to expand after 1995 and now became one of the most common ecommerce. The B2C model works by retailers and marketers that use clear data in various marketing tools so can sell their products to the internet users. The internet users can use the shopping cart for everything they need. Payment is mostly done through credit cards or by payment gateways like the PayPal. You can example from the daily life such as the pharmacist that gives medical consultation and sells the medication. Business to business Business to business, known as B2B model, is the largest ecommerce model that is based on revenue which involves trillions of dollars. In this both the buyers and sellers are business entities as you can suggest from the name also. Example of this model can be a manufacturer that supplies his goods to a wholesaler or a retailer. Consumer to consumer The consumer to consumer ecommerce or the C2C model facilitates online transactions of goods and services between the individual net users. But in this both the web users or both the parties cannot carry out any transaction without the platform that is provided by an online market maker such as the eBay. Peer to peer This type that is the P2P model is a technology that helps their customers to share a computer resource and computer files to anyone they require without the need of a central web server. If you want to communicate on a common platform both the parties just have to install the required software. This type of ecommerce is not very much popular as it usually breaches the cyber laws because of its inclination to free usage. MCommerce The mcommerce uses mobile devices like the mobile phones as can carry out online transactions. Nowadays, web designers are trying to optimize website so they can easily view on mobile phones and to allow for mcommerce. With this there are many other types of ecommerce in .NET such as the government to business, government to citizen and business to employee.


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