10- How to write web content copywriting

10- How to write web content copywriting

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10- How to write web content copywriting

Posted on Jul 9 2011 at 01:50:57 AM in Web-2.0

Websites are now becoming necessity in today’s world and is becoming the important part of business marketing and branding areas. Nowadays websites have become the most preferred and the most interactive way for different companies, whether it is a very small shops or the largest publicity traded corporations, to interact with their customers and future customers as well. To have a good offline and online copywriting you have to apply the same fundamentals.  It is important to know for anyone who is involved in web content copywriting that both content presentation and strategy have quite a separate difference. Whether you are a writer, designer, creative director or client you should know the following things about writing a web copywriting.

  • The first important thing about the website copywriting is that it should be shorter because the reader’s eyes get tired quicker reading the computer screen than reading a printed page. With this the more important thing is that, website copywriting need to be short due to the nature of the medium. Computers are all about the speed in which you gather, disseminate and understand. So the amount of verbal content of a company should take this fact into account when presenting on its website. If it is possible to explain three sentences into one than you should explain it into one sentence. If it is possible to use the word in simpler term than the longer, more complex word then go for the simpler one.  You must concentrate on quality not quantity.
  • The website copywriting should start with home page as this motivates curiosity among the readers. On home page you will find many organizations wax like for how long their company is running the business, how many employees are working and other related types of topics. Instead of doing this you should introduce your company in the home page. In this way you will be presenting your readers with a valuable reason to continue reading your copy write.
  • One of the great parts of website copy is the customer testimonials. As most of the best website copywriting does not come from you and your copywriter but it comes from your customer’s personal experiences they have. If your company has satisfied your customer than they will say good things about you and your company and this is of more importance than what you say about yourself.

Website is just a computerized, interactive introduction to who you are as a company and what you do or in what business you are in. in this the facts of more personal nature are followed and a good web content copywriting will include this in a secondary position of the website. The place will not be that much difficult to find. This is important as many people are interested to know about the companies they are going to work with or doing business with. They are also interested to know about the culture and philosophy behind their work and company.


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